Salubris Medical Publishers, A Unit of Health Solutions

Welcome to Salubris

Salubris means health and well being in latin. Salubris is the publishing division of Health Solutions. We aim to provide a platform for all health professionals across the globe to create and publish quality academic and learning content across different media. The primary objective of our publishing program is to promote the breakthroughs achieved in clinical practices across different specialties. We associate ourselves with promoting high-quality academic literature in the field of health and medicine.

Our aim is to curate quality content and hence we wish to give each project that we publish, the visibility it deserves globally. We believe that the basis of most modern practices in health science, traces its roots to the wisdom of ancient medical practices of years gone by. Our team of dedicated professionals ensure that, content and knowledge that is generated today by health professionals gets a global audience and every literature that we publish gets the relevant exposure.

Salubris envisages to publish a wide range of health-science content focusing across all medical and surgical specialities. Our products underline high standards in all aspects ranging from quality of content, presentation and production value.


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